• Terrier Club Youth Champion • Federal Youth Winner 2003 Youth Winner Poland 2003
Winner Poland 2004 & 2007Terrier Club Champion GermanChampion Germany • Champion Polen •
• Middle and Eastern European Siegerin 2007 • Champion Lithuania • International Champion •

Is called real „Villa Rosas Hermione“. She was born in Sweden on 12-25-2002 and she still has 14 brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, there were only three bitches at this litter so that the choice was limited anyway. Grace was, taking our wishes into account, the best bitch of the litter for us. She has parents with Irish coat quality, but she has a little different and thick coat structure anyway. Her name are from the Harry Potter stories (magician Hermione Granger).

At 01-26-2003 we met Kickie and Chris Norrby in Sweden for the first time and have watched the litter. We were allowed also to see Keagen the father of this litter, because he was invited extra for us. Kickie and Chris breed Wheaten for over 20 years. It was predominating Wheaten with Irish hair quality. Their first Irish bitch was Maroc Inishkea, which one showed also very successfully and which was MultiChampion. They have a male Maroc Na Sionna which we have used as studdog for our C-litter in the year 2005 out of the same kennel now.

Since the 02-24-2003 Grace is in Germany at home and developed splendidly. She brings "action" in our house after our two rather quiet dogs. She is a wonderful compensation with her live way to Kelly and not thinked away as playfellow any more. She is a right clown and her dominance needs much education . Grace loves other dogs about everything.

Best of all she plays with high-divers, swims and dives with great pleasure. Water is her second element. Her hunting drive is a little more distinctive than Kelly´s and our guinea pigs almost would not have survived this.

She has a little more respect for the rabbit of our daughter. This one defends himself but does not run away of her. This already knows dogs by our pups. Grace even has managed to lock himself in in the rabbit cage. The rabbit was outside and she in the cage and barked.

As pup she nicks everything what you doesn´t keep in the eye like tools, brushes at the fence stroke, sausage for grilling, gardening tools with one you wants to plant just flowers with these, stockings, shoes and much more what isn´t nailed down.

She has a wonderful and strong character this one shows peaceful opposite everybody. She is very watchfully and cleverly but also tremendously clingingly and cuddly. Every dog is her friend and she can not understand it if one wants or may not play with her.

On shows she presents herself splendidly - however, she can run also at the cord like a cow. So it can be for an exhibitor . However, we just are working with animals and not with machines, which shall work every day at once.

Grace lives together with our Robin now.

The "Old Lady" came to our family in 2003 and since then it was actually clear that she could never be seperated from their family. Grace was very familial and so she spent her pension together with Robin. Both behaved as if they were an old couple.

 Grace has snored louder than a human and the rabbit cage was her television. For his owner she was like a living hot-water bottle in bed and during evenings in front of television she loves to cuddle. Swimming was her passion but if you wanted to make a trip, she was the first behind the steering wheel to make sure not to be forgotten.

Grace had a splentic tumor and we had sadly take on the responsibility to redeem her on 01/06/2015. We will keep her in mind in many wonderful memories.

Thank you Kicki and Chris for this lovlely soul-dog.

"Farewell Old Lady."