• Winner Poland 2002 • Champion KfT • Champion VDH • Champion Poland •

Is called real „Kasantra vom Schweizerhof“. She came on 01-04-2001 in our house and had been left together with a sister from the last litter of „Wheaten Rebel´s Pia Colada“. After an inspection with the breeders we decided in favour of Kelly. She then was brought to us, to test, whether she gets on "with our old gentleman" Endy (a WHWT). Westie and Wheaten shall not get along so well.

After a woods walk and handling of the formalities we had our first Wheaten in the house. This was then faster than we thought possible anyway. Actually we wanted to have a pup !!

At that time, Kelly was already almost 7 months old. So we had immediately to start with the education. Also these "get clean" not turned out so simple. By the rearrangement to new surroundings and other things she behaved like a 8 weeks old pup again. We already needed much patience. It was also unfavourable that she got on heat in the same month the first time.

We still applied at a dog school for the pup play!! and basic training in the obedience in February. Since Kelly did not have experience with strange animals of the same species till now, she reacted correspondingly overcautiously to all strange dogs. It is so today that she likes to play with another dog but sometimes 3 dogs are already too many for her.

Sometimes on shows this is a problem for us but Kelly impressive many judges because of her coat quality and attractive appearance if I have understood well to bring her coat correctly in form. Unfortunately, I do always not succeed yet and is at the Irish coat also more difficult as in the case of other coat types. Unfortunately, she then seems a little gawky with thin and long legs. With her 50 cm of shoulder height she has anyway got a little greatly for a bitch. She does not show the judge her ears and correct rod attitude if either she feels like it not. Well, we know the so-called "faults" ours Kelly rather exact but they already compensate for himself with her advantages well. It is important particularly for the choice of the right studdog to see the faults of his dog realistically.

There is anyway no perfectly Wheaten!

By her quiet and pleasant nature Kelly is at everyone we privately know of great popularity. Sometimes one could think that she can bring nothing from the quiet. Conscious of always whole lady and her noble origin !!

She is absolutely free of aggressiveness so that also little children are not a problem. We do not leave her of course nevertheless alone with little children.

She would be suitable to take the fear of a dog away from somebody very well.

When she had her pups although she was as much more attentive and has taken care that nothing happended for the puppies, but every visitor could go to her puppies. She growled no-one to and we did not have to lock her in either. This was admired often. Some had already other experienced. However, this also shows Kellys great confidence in us.

But this one thinks wrongly who thinks that she cannot be stubborn either. Sometimes she can already take one to the despair when she does not want to hear at all. But Kelly is a "food dog". Mostly, it works with that again.

She also shows her qualities as a watchdog in our big new garden which we have extra bought for our dogs and us. One does not believe a Wheaten capable of this imposing voice at first sight at all.

With Kelly we had a lot of joy and she has given nice and healthy Wheaten babies to us.

Later Kelly was the centre of a married couple in our nearness on whose big property she pulled her circles. But we held furthermore contact with her, because ...

... we loved this wonderful dog!

Unfortunately, our first brood bitch had to leave the world forever on 07/05/2015. She had cancer and she had to be put to sleep. Kelly lives on in many wonderful children. Some were very successful on exhibitions and in the breeding.

She will be unforgotten for good!