Our Dogs

Decision to the Wheaten

We live here at the edge of the lovely Spree Forest. Cottbus is located in the Lausitz region. There are five of us in the family plus 4 dogs. Meantime our three children are grown-up or almost grown-up. Our first dog was a West Highland White Terrier called "Endy von Hemajun". He was born on 01.09.1986 and left us in September 2003 at the magnificent age of 17.


However, we did not want to breed West Hihlands for various reasons and in 2000 looked around therefore for another breed which is not a fashionable one. Then in a book on dog breeds we stumbled on the terrier which appealed to us greatly from the descirption. It was not just its looks, but also its suitability as a family, house and companion dog which influenced this choice.


The Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier !


We then turned to the Terrier Club to get all the documentation available about this breed. Unfortunately there was not much, since there is just the Terrier Club breed description and books in English only. Of course to make sure of our choice, we wanted to see this breed in the flesh at any event. Even today in our area they can only seen on our premises.


As we have good friends in North Rhine Westfalia, we were able to plan a visit to the Federal Winners Breed Show 2000 in Dortmund. There we were able to get to know several breeders who gave us information in a more or less friendly manner. Health questions above all were answered reluctantly in part. However, most breeders are very nice. We were able to marvel at Wheaten Joy´s Bailey and to fire our questions at his breeder, Ms. Inger Lang. The result is that since then (and up to today) we continue to be enthuiastic about this breed and were determined to become breeders.


We were able to acquire our kennel's foundation bitch "Kasantra vom Schweizerhof" (Kelly) from Kerstin and Wolfgang Max. They had 2 young females left from their most recent litter. We decided on Kelly, although as yet , and by contrast with her sister, there was no sign of curls to be seen in her coat . However, we had confidence in what we had read and hoped that an attractive female Wheaten would develop from the unkempt looking dog. We were not disappointed, because Kelly developed in accordance with our expectations.


The delight of the Wheaten is that like an ugly duckling it evolves into a beautiful swan. The way a Wheaten will finally look is always a pleasant surprise.


Let yourself be surprised!

© Breeder: Karola Fechner