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In order to give you an little impression of me, I would like to tell you , why we have decided to breed the the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (ISCWT). "We", these are also my hard-working helpers who have supported me for many years.


For many years I live on the edge of the beautiful Spreewald. The entire region is also known as "Lausitz (eng. Lusatia )" and is located southeast of Brandenburg and northeast of Saxony.


My first own dog in my life was a West Highland White Terrier named "Endy of Hemajun". He was born on 01.09.1986 and left us in September 2003, at the respectable age of 17 years.


For various reasons, we did not want to breed this dog breed. That's why we looked around because It should not be a fashion dog anymore. However in a breed dog book, we came across to a terrier again, which we liked very much from his description. Concise for the selection were the special charism.


The Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier !


We then went to the KfT in order to obtain as many documents as possible about this breed of dog. But in any case, we wanted to see the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier live. However, there were very rarely wheaten terriers in our area, as they are today.


The next possible opportunity was given to us at the Federal Winner Show 2000 in Dortmund where we also got to know several breeders at the same time. Luckily we could spend the night with good friends in North Rhine-Westphalia to enjoy the show over the whole time.


Most of the breeders were very nice and so we were able to extensively admire "Wheaten Joy's Bailey" and to pepper his breeder Mrs. Inger Lang with our questions. The result was that until today we are completely enthusiastic about this breed and were resolutely determined to become breeders as well.


As a result, we purchased in Kamenz, with Kerstin and Wolfgang Max, the first foundation dog of our kennel, "Kasantra vom Schweizerhof" (Kelly). The first Lusatian litter was born in June 2002.


As with Kelly, over the years we have had great luck with our subsequent dogs Grace and Cate and no significant complications for all births.


Meanwhile, we breed this dog for 17 years. Over the whole time more than 100 puppies from 12 litters found a home not only in Germany, but also in America, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia and Poland.


Our current foundation dogs are Lisa and Tanya. We hope that we will have many more healthy puppies with them, which bring us together with many Wheaten-Lovers!


At least both girls bring along all requirements.


The number of litters in relation to the years we are already breeding clarifies that there will not be an offspring every year. Raising puppies is very time consuming and costly. Therefore, every litter must be carefully planned and prepared. See also the article "Breeding" under the heading "Puppies".


Over time, some owners of our first litters had to let their Wheaten go over the Rainbow. We can more than understand such a loss, especially if it happens suddenly and unexpectedly. We are all the more much honored that some of these families have contacted us again and once again trustingly purchased another puppy from us.


That makes us very proud, because we’re making every effort to keep a high standard of breeding. The charm to breed only the Wheaten has not left us. It is and will always remain one of our favorite pastimes.


On this homepage we would like to introduce you to our kennel and show you why the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier fascinates us so much.


You are cordially invited to get a personal impression of our dogs.


For an appointment please contact us via our contact form or email.

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