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In Memory


Von der schönen Lausitz Bridget O´Kelly

*25.08.2004 - 28.7.2017

"This is one of Bridget's last photos. She died Friday of heart failure."

Jack Carlson

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Aron the First

*18.06.2002 - 05.08.2015

"Saddly our Balou has gone over the rainbow to the dog heaven. For some month he had incurable cancer. 05.08.2015 / 20:45 We will miss him. He was a good-natured and faithful companion."

Fam. Paff

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MultiCH Von der schönen Lausitz Brian O´Kelly

*25.08.2004 - 19.06.2015

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MultiCH Villa Rosas Hermione

*25.12.2002 - 01.06.2015

The "Old Lady" came to our family in 2003 and since then it was actually clear that she could never be seperated from their family. Grace was very familial and so she spent her pension together with Robin. Both behaved as if they were an old couple.

Grace has snored louder than a human and the rabbit cage was her television. For his owner she was like a living hot-water bottle in bed and during evenings in front of television she loves to cuddle. Swimming was her passion but if you wanted to make a trip, she was the first behind the steering wheel to make sure not to be forgotten.

Grace had a splentic tumor and we had sadly take on the responsibility to redeem her on 01/06/2015. We will keep her in mind in many wonderful memories.

Thank you Kicki and Chris for this lovlely soul-dog.

Farewell Old Lady.

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CH Kasantra vom Schweizerhof

*08.07.2000 - 07.05.2015

With her it has began in the Lausitz. Unfortunately, our first brood bitch had to leave the world forever on 07/05/2015. She was a wonderful dog for our start in breeding and has been loved by all who knew her.

Unfortunately, she had cancer and she had to be put to sleep.

Kelly lives on in many wonderful children. Some were very successful on exhibitions and in the breeding. Female dogs :Bridget O´Kelly, Carola Amaden, Esna Male Dogs: Brian O´Kelly, Brandan O´Kelly, Cáemgen Springtime, Conall, Eireamhon.

She will be unforgotten for good!

Thanks! In thoughts we are with You.  

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Admiral Hugo von der schönen Lausitz

*18.06.2002 - 20.03.2015

We got sad news, that Admiral Hugo von der schönen Lausitz was put to sleep on the day of the solar eclipse.

"In this way, we thank you once again for this unique, wonderful dog"

Thanks! Our thoughts are with you.


Asja Princess von der schönen Lausitz

*18.06.2002 - 10.12.2014

"Asja Princess vdsL" (28.06.2002) was very sick and sadly she lost the fight on 12-10-14. After 12 wonderful years a family lost her lovely wheaten girl. We are very sad too. Now we miss two of the first litter.


Male blue, J-Litter

*10.06.2014 - 15.06.2014

This little male was only 6 days alive. After 6 days extra food he lost constantly weight and power. So we have to felt the decision and put him to sleep. 


Bendenna O´Kelly von der schönen Lausitz

*25.08.2004 - 17.02.2014


April Lily Fee von der schönen Lausitz

*18.06.2002 - 2012


Carola Amaden von der schönen Lausitz
"Zoom Zoom"

*29.03.2005 - 08/2011

"Zoom" lived in America with Emily Holden (Kennel Amaden). It was a difficult decision for Emily to let her go due to a brain tumour. 

"Zoom" has been my bed dog and closest friend since my mother died. She meant more to me than most of the people in my life and more than any dog. I loved her so much that I tried to keep her as long as possible. Thanks for the unconditional love of one of the most wonderful dogs ever born. She lived up to her name and she gave me joy every day. Zoom was and always will be my special girl. Her ashes will be buried with me. (Emily Holden)


Dun-Deela von der schönen Lausitz

*01.05.2006 - 12/2006

"Della" could bring her family joy also only a few weeks. She came into a grazing fence and died becaus of her injuries. 


Ciara Bonadea von der schönen Lausitz

*29.03.2005 - 08/2005

"Jule" was allowed to live in her new family only a few months.
She was poisoned!


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