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We dedicate this topic a own side because we regard the breeding as the first important phase of the life of a dog.

Nobody shall take a pup along out of our kennel because of pity. The statements of our pup parents are more different. They have the feeling to take their pup away from a little dog paradise. For us this is the most beautiful award for all the efforts and worries but also lovely time with the pups.  

For us the breeding already starts at the care to the pregnant bitch. We know very well that, without a good healthy and instinct safe bitch, the breeding of healthy pups is impossible. She gets a 24 h support the last days before the birth. We then leave her no longer unobserved. At the birth we stand helping the bitch to side. Our bitches always wanted these near and help, too.

After that for the first 3 weeks our help confines itself to it, to take care that the surroundings of the pups are dry and clean. The pups are weighed daily because one can find out only in such a way, whether perhaps a pup needs a little more care.

All other things manage the bitch almost by herself at this time. The regular reworming of the pups is important as of the second week.

However, we make also basic thoughts to us how we can optimally characterise our pups on people and his later environment.

Within these first three weeks the pup learns by body contact, that " smell from us people" is pleasant for him.

By this experience the pup builds up self-assurance and confidence in the environment and the people.

Until the fifth week the pups change daily and according to the weather her surroundings between the pup room in the house and the pup enclosure built specifically.

They are confronted with new environmental attractions and sensitized and promoted by it here.

The pups get to know completely stress-freely and absolutely without pressure a different equipment in the pup enclosure. This normally happens of quite alone by the pups when finding out the new environment (area reconnaissance).

These experiences stay with the pup positively as memory and he will develop positively at a corresponding support later.

Of course we have our advantage out of it as breeder by being able to recognize characteristics of the pup by the bahavioural pattern of the pup at the area reconnaissance very well.

At this breeding method we have the possibility to give every pup buyer the dog which matches him. 

Insight of our pup enclosure


bath of balls


tunnel of experience

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© Breeder: Karola Fechner